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Google Classroom

Google Classroom
   I am sending this email while I still have power.  HaHa!  Please have your child visit my Google Classroom.
I have specific instructions for :
1. Starfall
2.Reading Eggs & Fast Phonics
3. Computer Puzzles .
I have made several learning videos on my Google Classroom including: 
1. Alphabet videos
2. Over 30 books read aloud
3. Various other learning videos  
  A fun activity the kids can do is take a picture with their pet and you can email it to me  I will post all the photos on my Google Classroom so children can see photos of their classmates and their pets.  If you do not have a pet take a photo with a stuffed animal.  Please do not repost any photos of other children on social media. 
    I am going to turn off my Bloomz account and use only the Google Classroom that our school is now providing.  The videos stream better on my Google Classroom and it is free from advertising. I will continue to post pictures and videos of the kids only on the Google Classroom.  I will post a “Letter of the Week” with links to learning videos to help your child.  I have previously messaged you your child’s password and gmail on Bloomz.  Please let me know if you have any problems viewing the classroom.  If you have any problems or questions please contact me and from now on please contact my through my email. Gracias, Jonsie

Google Classroom Instructions

1. Go to

2. Click on the sign in button and enter your child's gmail address

3. Enter your child's password

4. Go to the waffle icon at the top right and find classroom

5. Click on the plus sign in the right corner

6. Option for class code 2k4psnj

7. Click join