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Supply List

If buying any of the supplies is a financial burden please email me and I will be happy to take care of it. 
It will be completely confidential.   

I have many crayons, markers, and colored pencils each child will have their own art tub.  
Please visit my Pre-K class website on our Pretty Water School Website. 
Go to the School website and click on Staff Directory. 

Next, go to Teachers Pages at the bottom.
Then, click on Mrs. Jones, Pre-K. 
The main page stays the same with important Pre-K information, but I have several pages you can access at the bottom or side depending on your device.
Please email me at if you have any questions. Thank you!  

Pre-K Supply List
1 backpack (no rollers please) (Please write name on it)
1 folder (Please write name on it)
1 reusable
spill & leak proof water bottle that your child can open (Please write name on it)
Your child will keep the water bottle in their backpack and take it home daily to be washed and refilled.

1 package of dum dum lollipops for rewards
1 box of tissues
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 clorox wipes
only zip, velcro, or slip on shoes please. Tennis Shoes are better than sandals because the mulch can have sharp sticks. (no tie shoes or flip flops allowed) Socks and tennis shoes are the best for Pre-K
*If you would like to donate any used blocks, duplo, books, memory games, puzzles, small plastic animals, or instruments we would be happy to use them in our class. 
Thank you,

Mrs. Jones