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Class Rules

    Because the students are interested in what they are doing and having such a great time, I rarely have any discipline problems.  However, they do come up occasionally and I start out using positive messages, but if those do not work students may have to go to time out for a few minutes.  The rules are: 1. Stay with your teacher  2. Follow directions  3. Be kind  
   Please talk to your child about our rules.  Following directions can involve coming inside when I blow the whistle, picking up toys when it's time, and sitting and listening during group time.  Being kind pertains to keeping hands and feet to oneself, using kind words, and not touching other children's things (water bottles, backpacks, glasses, etc..)
 Once students become familiar with our routine and know what is expected of them they usually act in an appropriate manner.  Students are engaged and busy in our class and that helps with behavior.