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Starfall Computer Learning Lesson 1

I would like all my Pre-K students to use Starfall on our Pretty Water Website today. My students have been using Starfall for years and it is an excellent program.  I have been teaching our class how to use this program for the past two weeks.  Starfall can really help children learn their alphabet and their letter sounds.
1. On the Pretty Water Website click on Student Links
2. Scroll down and Click on Starfall
3. Click on Kindergarten and Pre-K
4. Click on  ABC blocks
5. Have your child do letters “A, B, & C” each letter has songs, sentences, and a game.
6. Have your child take a break and then do letters”D, E, & F”
7. Have your child take a break and then do letters “G & H”
8. Click on the Sign Language hands at the bottom of the page and have your child do letters”A-H” 
9. Click on the ABC Song and Have your child sing along.
Gracias, Jonsie