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Helping Oklahoma's Frogs and Lizards

Helping Oklahoma’s Overwintering Reptiles and Amphibians

   Many frogs and lizards are endangered. Here are some things you can do to help.

While landowners may not be able to realistically control wintertime temperatures in their backyard, they can make a few considerations for overwintering reptiles and amphibians. 

  • "Leave the leaves" is an increasingly popular wildscape and gardening concept that keeps leaf litter on the ground and provides winter insulation for a number of animals. Nature's mulch not only serves as fertilizer as leaves break down, but may also be a winter hideout for turtles, frogs and salamanders. 
  • Something as simple as a fallen branch or log covered with leaves may be the perfect shelter for overwintering tree frogs and other wildlife, so let fallen logs lie. 
  • Small brush piles are a great addition to both urban and rural backyards. Not only do they offer a place for turtles to burrow, but they also provide songbirds shelter from cold winter winds. 

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