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Arrival and Departure


     School starts at 7:45, but the school provides free child care before school in the storm shelter (Activity Center) from 7:00-7:45.
​​​​You may park in the parking lot west of the storm shelter in the morning and walk your child up to the storm shelter or drop them off in the car line.
Children will walk into the storm shelter (Activity Center) and Mrs. Gaches will show your child where to sit.
If you don't have to get to work early I would recommend dropping your child off closer to 7:45.
Students will get to watch cartoons until 7:45.
I will get Pre-K students from the storm shelter and walk them to the cafeteria.
We will eat breakfast at 7:45 and then we will take our backpacks to our room and have morning recess on the playground.
School ends at 3:10, but we will have the Pre-K students up at the Storm Shelter (Activity Center) at 3:07.
If you would like to walk up to pick up your child please park in the parking lot west of the Activity Center.
We will be lined up on the outside brick wall on the west side of the building.
Please wait until I give your child permission to leave before you take them.
You will need to show the green name tag to pick up your child. 

You will receive your child’s name tag at Back to School Night.
We use the name tags to keep all children safe.

You may have questions for me after school and I will be happy to answer them, but first I must make sure that all the children are picked up safely. If you have a question I can speak to you after all the children are picked up or you can send me an email.

Please let me know if your child is a car rider, bus rider, or latch key student at Back to School Night or you may email me the information any time.

If there is a change in schedule please send a note in your child's folder with the date on it.
We check the folders every morning.  

If you have an unexpected change during the day please call the office because I usually don’t have time to check emails until I get home.
We are going to have a GREAT year!       
Jen Jones