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Ukulele Songs

Sit Down Songs🧘

Apples and Bananas 🍎🍌 C G7

Humpty Dumpty 🧱      C G7” CF

I love you🤟            C G

School is fun 🏫          C Em Am F

Hey Diddle😸🎻G D7” C G D7 G

Muffin Man 🧍G7 C F

You are my Sunshine🌞 C F” C G7

3 Little Birds🐦  C F”CG C F C G FC

Here comes the Sun🌥️ GCA7GCDBF

Let it Be 🌷 CGFCCAmGFC

Twinkle Little Star🌟CFCFCG7C

Itsy Bitsy Spider🕷️   FC7

Row Row Your Boat🚣  F C7

Count on Me 1 2 3 CEmAmGF”DmEmFG

Stand Up Songs🧍

Twist and Shout 🤸CFG

Bubble Gum🫧G7C

Baby Shark🦈GCFAmG

Lion Sleeps🦁CFCG7

Ho Hey🏃♥️ CFCAmGC

Hokey Pokey💃FC7
Hakuna Mattata