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Professional Development

As you know the state department has put professional development on hold for now.  Our district policy  continues and will follow the state guidelines.

According to the State Department of Education:  (There is more information online at the state department if you are interested.)

 Professional development points shall not be given for a routine job-related assignment.

All certified and licensed teachers and administrators shall accrue at least seventy-five (75) professional development points within a five (5) year period with at least some points completed each year.  The five (5) year period for accruing points begins on an individual's date of employment in an accredited school in Oklahoma.  If an individual changes school districts within the five (5) year period, the points accrued are transferred to the receiving district and the five (5) year period continues.

Each licensed or certified teacher in this state shall be required by the district board of education to meet the professional development requirements established by the board, or established through the negotiation process.  The professional development requirements established by each board of education shall require every teacher to annually complete a minimum number of the total number of points required to maintain employment.  Failure of any teacher to meet district board of eduction professional development requirements may be grounds for nonrenewal of such teacher's contract by the board.  Such failure may also be grounds for nonconsideration of salary increments affecting the teacher. (70-6-194)

Public school teachers and administrators in Grades five through twelve shall participate on a regular basis in an inservice training program related to AIDS prevention education.  The training program shall be approved by the State Department of Education and the State Department of Health, and shall qualify towards professional development requirements for the participating teachers. (House Joint Resolution, No. 1078, 1994, Section 4)

Professional Development requirements for State Accrediation.

Professional Development 2023-2024 (CCOSA District Level Training Resources)

Family & Community Engagement— Meet the teacher nights

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training-coaches-Once a year by a provider approved by the OSDH

Workplace Safety Training in Schools; Teachers of grades 7-12 are informed of the importance of incorporating training into curriculum