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Daily Schedule

Monday- Friday

7:45a-8:00a 8:00a-8:25a 8:25a-8:50a 8:50a-9:20a 9:20a-9:50a 9:50a-10:35a 10:40a-11:40a 11:40-12:00p 12:00p-12:45p
Spelling Breakfast Morning Meeting and Heggretty Phonics and Language Whole Group Reading Literacy Centers/ Small Groups Recess/ Lunch Restroom/ Writing Music with both 1st grade classes


12:50-1:30p 1:35p-2:20p 2:35p-2:45p 2:45-3:05p
PE/ Computers Planning Period Math Snack Clean-up and Dismissal


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