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How To Teach Your Child To Read

How Teach Your Child To Read
    One of my favorite techniques is called “Echo Reading”.  Chose a very easy book with only one sentence per page.  First, you will read the whole book to your child while pointing to the words. Next, You will read one page while pointing to the words and have your child read the same page repeating or echoing you. On the third time, your child will try to read the book to you.  Please have your child try to point to the words they are reading. It's fine if they substitute words or miss some words. Please be supportive and encouraging. Positive reinforcement works.   
   Reading to children is extremely important in helping them learn how to read.  In over 1,000  studies conducted about "how children learn to read" the results indicated the number one way children learn to read is by being continually read to by an adult.
   Research has shown that learning rhyming words and phrases can be very beneficial in helping children learn how to read.    For example, learning the "at" sound and practice saying rhyming words like cat, hat, bat, and rat. Studies have shown that children who learn Mother Goose Rhymes learn to read much faster and easier than children who do not.
Below is a list of of shows and sites that highlight the words while reading the books aloud.
Mercer Mayer books read on Oceanhouse Media on Youtube 
Little Fox Meet the Animals on Youtube
Highlights Animated Stories on Roku
Leapfrog on Roku
Super Why on PBS Kids
Word World on PBS Kids
Leapfrog on Netflix
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