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Celebrate Science Week

  This week I will have several science activities for pre-k to explore. 
We will have magnets, balance scales, magnifying glasses,sea shells, bird’s nests, feathers, stones, crystals, minerals, fossils, geodes, rocks, turtle shells, snake sheds, lizard sheds, various insects, and live roly polies and worms. 
Please talk to your child about being gentle and not accidentally putting items in their pockets. 
    We will also be doing many science experiments and learning how to make an hypothesis. 
Students will learn that water can be a solid, liquid, or gas, and that water expands when freezing.
They will also learn about condensation.  Please talk with your child about these new concepts. 
   Please help your child bring a science collection or science experiment to school sometime this week. 
They could bring a collection of rocks, leaves, or anything else they want to show. 
They could put collections in an egg carton, shoe box, or anything else they can use. 
There are so many interesting science experiments for preschoolers on the internet. 
Try some at home and send a photo to my gmail and we will show the class on the big screen.
 There are many incredible nature documentaries and science shows on Netflix. 

if I were an Animal
LIfe in Color
Our Planet
Dancing with the Birds
Our Great National Parks
Night on Earth
Surviving Paradise
Tiny Creatures
Izzy’s Koal World
Penguin Town
Octonauts Above and Beyond
Magic School Bus
Magic School Bus Rides Again
Cat in the Hat
Emily’s Wonder Lab
Ada Twist Scientist
PBS Learning Shows
Dinosaur Train
Wild Kratts
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That
Nature Cat
Curious George

Gracias, Jonsie