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Rockin' Reptiles Summer Camp

Week 4, June 12-15, Rockin’ Reptiles!
What's the difference between alligators and crocodiles?
What's the difference between a tortoise and a turtle? 
How many species of turtles exist? 
Can turtles ever leave their shell?
How many different species of lizards exist?
Which lizard is the biggest?
Which lizard can change colors?
How many different species of snakes exist?
Which snake is the biggest?
Are snakes important to an ecosystem?
Become a herpetologist and find out! 

Octonauts S1E25 Marine Iguanas
Octonauts Above and Beyond S2E8A Monitor Lizard
Cat in the Hat: S1E6B Now You See Me
The Magic Schoolbus S1E7 All Dried Up
Octonauts S2E1B Sea Snakes Octonauts S4E18 Yellow Bellied Sea Snakes
Octonauts:S2E11B Saltwater Crocodile,   S4E7A Baby Gator. 
Octonauts S3E20 Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Octonauts S4E4 Baby Sea Turtles

Alligator & Crocadile Information

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Lizard Information
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Cool Facts About Lizards
Why Lizards Don’t Run Marathons
What’s the difference between a reptile and amphibian

Free School Snakes

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Sea Turtle
Meet The Animals Turtle


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