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Awesome Apes Summer

Week 2, May 22-25, Awesome Apes!
In what region do most apes live?
What do herbivores eat?
What does arboreal mean?
Do you know the difference between monkeys and chimpanzees? 
What is a group of chimpanzees called? 
Who is Jane Goodall?
Where do orangutans live?
How do dominant males look different from other orangutans?
Which ape is known as the gentle giant?
What do gorillas eat?
Swing into this exciting adventure!
Gorilla Information

Gorilla Nat Geo

Gorilla Animals for kids

Interesting Facts about Gorillas

Gorilla Dancing Dallas Zoo

Baby Gorilla Dalls Zoo

Baby Gorilla Lincoln Park Zoo

Gorilla Sister Zoo

Baby Gorilla Takes First Step

Gorilla eating

Gorilla Beating Chest

Chimpanzee Mother and Child
Kabi the Chimp
Chimp Nat Geo
Baby Chimps Learn How to Climb
Into the Forest with Jane Goodall
The Watcher Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall Little People, Big Dreams

Orangutan Information
Attenborough Orangutan
Orangutan Moments Part ! BBC
Orangutan Moments Part 2 BBC
Baby Born Jaida Elcock BBC
Wild Kratts Orangutan
Wild Kratts Swinging Monkeys
Orangutan WWF
8 Orangutan Facts 8 Mind Blowing Orangutan Facts | Our Planet | Netflix Futures - YouTube
Palm Oil Happy Learning Orangutans in danger of extinction | LEARNING WITH SARAH | EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS FOR KIDS –


Meet The Animals Gorilla

One Gorilla