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Summer Camp

   Pretty Water will be offering a summer camp for Pretty Water Students.
The camp is set up for young children. Pre-K, Kindergarten, & First grade really enjoy it.
Mrs. Jones will be in charge of the camp and it will cost $40 per week or $12.00 per day. 
If you have more than one child there is $2.00 off a day on the second child.
Camp will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:15 am to 2:45 pm. 
Children may arrive any time between 7:15 to 8:30.
Your child may come all week or on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Kids will have a great time learning and playing in a fun environment. 
Campers will learn some Spanish and Sign Language.
Campers will do science experiments, art projects, read, work puzzles, play games, play instruments, sing, and exercise. 
Children will spend much of the day outside weather permitting (If it is too hot we will play in my classroom). 
Children need to bring lunch, one water bottle that we can refill, and snacks.
There is a limited amount of space so please email Mrs. Jones to make sure there is room for your child.

Week 1, May 15-18, North American Adventure!
In which class are frogs?
Why do frogs croak?
What is metamorphosis?
(We have tadpoles in my room that the kids can observe.)
Which species of bears live in North America?
What do bears eat?
Why do some bears hibernate? 
Which species of deer live in North America?
Which deer are the biggest?
Which is the heaviest animal in North America?
What do bison eat?
Become a biologist and find out!

Week 2, May 22-25, Awesome Apes!
In what region do most apes live?
What do herbivores eat?
What does arboreal mean?
Do you know the difference between monkeys and chimpanzees? 
What is a group of chimpanzees called? 
Who is Jane Goodall?
Where do orangutans live?
How do dominant males look different from other orangutans?
Which ape is known as the gentle giant?
What do gorillas eat?
Swing into this exciting adventure!

*Summer Camp will be closed the week of May 29-June 1 for Memorial Day.

Week 3, June 5-8, Nocturnal Animal Adventure!
Which animals come out at night?
What does nocturnal mean? 
How many different species of bats exist? 
Do bats help humans?  
What does an omnivore eat? 
What is the only marsupial native to Oklahoma? 
What are baby raccoons called?
What are baby skunks called?
What are baby bats called?  
Which animal can roll into a ball to protect itself? 
Put on your night vision goggles and check it  out!

Week 4, June 12-15, Rockin’ Reptiles!
What's the difference between alligators and crocodiles?
What's the difference between a tortoise and a turtle? 
How many species of turtles exist? 
Can turtles ever leave their shell?
How many different species of lizards exist?
Which lizard is the biggest?
Which lizard can change colors?
How many different species of snakes exist?
Which snake is the biggest?
Are snakes important to an ecosystem?
Become a herpetologist and find out! 

Week 5, June 19-22 Ocean Animal Adventure!
Who is the biggest animal that has ever lived?
What is the difference between a baleen whale and a toothed whale?
What is a group of dolphins called? 
Which ocean animal can change the color and texture of its skin?
How long have sharks been alive on earth? 
Which male animal gives birth?
Which animal looks like a star?
Are sharks important to ocean habitats? 
How many species of jellyfish exist?
Who is Dr. Sylvia Earle?
Become a marine biologist and dive into this ocean adventure!

Week 6, June 26-29 Creepy Crawlies!
What is an arachnid? 
Are spiders beneficial to the environment? 
How many different species of spiders exist?
What do spiders eat? 
What is an exoskeleton?
Are there more insects or people in the world?
How many different species of insects exist? 
Are insects important to an ecosystem? 
Which insect is the biggest? 
Which insect flies the fastest? 
Become an entomologist and crawl, jump, or fly and find out!

*Summer Camp will be closed the week of July 3-6 for Independence Day.

Week 7, July 10-13,  Dynamite Dinosaurs!
Which dinosaur was the biggest carnivore?
Which dinosaur was the biggest herbivore? 
Which dinosaur was the fastest?
Who were the bipedal dinosaurs?
Who were the quadrupedal dinosaurs?
Did any dinosaurs swim?
What does extinction mean? 
What did the earth look like when dinosaurs were alive?
How long did dinosaurs roam the earth? 
Which dinosaurs lived in groups? 
Become a paleontologist and find out! 

Week 8, July 17-20, Polar Animal Adventure!
What is a group of wolves called?
What time of day are wolves most active?
Are wolves herbivores or carnivores?
Where do polar bears live?
What is another name for the North Pole?
Where do penguins live?
What is another name for the South Pole?
Which species of penguins are the biggest?
How do walrus use their tusks?
How do walrus use their whiskers?
Cool off on this cold expedition!

Week 9, July 24-27, Beautiful Birds!
How many species of birds are in the world? 
Which bird is the biggest? 
Which bird is the smallest?
Which bird can fly the fastest?
Which bird can fly the highest? (As high as an airplane)
Which bird can fly backwards?
Which bird is Oklahoma’s state bird? 
Can all birds fly? 
What are talons? 
Are male or female birds usually more colorful? 
Become an ornithologist and find out.

Week 10, July 31-Aug. 3, African Animal Adventure!
Which animal has black and white stripes?
Which animal is the tallest animal in the world?
Which animal has the longest tail in the world?
Which animal is the heaviest land mammal?
Which animal stays in the water during the day and comes on land to eat grass at night?
Which animal's name means “nose horn”?
Which huge land animal lets birds ride on its back?
How many muscles are in an elephant's trunk? 
Do elephants really have great memories? 
Who is in charge of the elephant herd? 
Come on this African Safari!

Week 11, Aug. 7-10 Cool Cats!
Which cat is the fastest?
Which cat is the biggest? 
Which cat is strong enough to drag their prey into a tree? 
Which species of cat can be black? 
Which species of cat lives in the mountains of Asia?
How many species of big cats exist? 
What is a baby cat called? 
Are all cats carnivores? 
Are cat’s claws retractable?
Why do male lions have manes?
Leap into this wild adventure!