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Report Cards

 Report Cards will go out this Friday.  I work with the children individually showing them flashcards and they tell me the letters and numbers that they know.  If your child is having trouble recognizing letters try the following:
1. Play games with alphabet flashcards.  Only use two or three cards at a time.  For example, ask your child to find letter “A”  if you have “A”, “B”, and “C” out on a table.  You can do fun things like have letter “B” bounce up and down or make letter “C” move in circles.  Have your child trace the letter with their finger while saying it.  Make learning fun!  Letter “A” can chase letter “B” or do a funny dance. Be silly! Avoid words like “no or that’s wrong” use words like “try again or keep trying”.  Be positive!  Rewards like stickers or small cadies are great encouragements.
2. Watch alphabet learning shows.  The videos I made for A-K are on my google classroom.  I have many links to alphabet shows on my google classroom in the letter of the week. Word World and Super Why are excellent alphabet shows on PBS. PBS Kids has a great website. Leapfrog and alphablocks are fantastic learning shows on Netflix. 
3. Play alphabet games on phones and tablets.  There are many free alphabet learning games for kids if you search under alphabet learning. Children will have fun while learning.
4. Have your child use Starfall on the Pretty Water Website. I have previously posted specific instructions.
5. Have your child use Reading Eggs and Fast Phonics.  I have previously posted specific instructions.
6. Use the Alphabet Egg Carton Game I sent home.  I have previously posted specific instructions.
If you have any questions please email or message me on Bloomz.
Gracias, Jonsie