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"Native Americans" Learning Links

   November is National Native American Heritage Month. Here are some Native American links for Thanksgiving Break. Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve, Gilcrease Museum, and Philbrook Museum have amazing Native American Art. (When it is safe)
   Indian brave, Indian brave.  Where are you going?  Where are you going?   Hunting bison, Hunting bison!  Indian maiden, Indian maiden.  Where are you going?  Where are you going?  Gathering nuts and berries, gathering nuts and berries.    ©Jen Jones
Native American Information
Native American Information
Native American Homes
3 Cool Facts About Totem Poles
Native American Dancing
Pow-wow Dancing Styles
How To Powwow Dance for Kids
World’s Best Native Hoop Dancers
Navajo Hoop Dance
Hoop Dance
LED Hoop Dance
Native American Books
Legend of the Indian Paintbrush Reading Rainbow
Giving Thanks A Native American Good Morning Message Reading Rainbow
Knots on a Counting Rope
The Coyote and the Frog People