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Mrs. Casey's Lesson Plans

March 3, 2015

1st hour

6th-8th study hall

5th Social Studies- Social Studies pgs. 35-36

5th Reading- Spectrum Reading Finish pg. 3 and do pgs 4-5

1st Reading- Failure Free Reading

2nd Grade Reading- Failure Free Reading

2nd Hour

Lesson 28 Spelling

2nd grade Finish lesson 8 spelling, write words 3x each, read AR books

3rd Hour

3rd and 4th Reading-  Failure Free Reading and Spectrum Reading

4th Hour

8th Math- Lesson 14-2

5th Hour

8th Reading- They Never Came Back, Spectrum Reading pgs. 114-115

5th Math- Saxon Math 

6th Hour

6th Reading- Read Shiloh Season chapter 5 and do comprehension worksheets

3rd Reading- Failure Free Reading

7th Hour

6th Language Arts-   Introduce Week 23 vocabulary, use each word in a complete sentence, and write spelling words 5x each

2nd interventions- Failure Free Reading

5th Reading- Failure Free

8th Hour