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   Children spend a lot of time watching television. Let’s turn that time into learning time. Here is a list of various educational shows found on Youtube, Netflix, and PBS kids. 
Youtube – Alphabet
If you type in “alphabet learning for children”, “animal alphabet for children”, “Train alphabet for children”, or “”Playdough alphabet for children”,  many great learning shows will come up.  Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew, Bob the Train Alphabet, Get Squiggling, ABC Videos by StoryBots,  Learn Letters with Max the Glow Train, and Talking ABC Animal from A to Z for kids are really fantastic.

Youtube-Books Read Aloud 
Storybook Nanny, Simicrane, Ocean House Media,  Miss Yumi, Between The Lions, Little Fox-Meet the Animals,Vancemo, Animated Children’s Books, and Babies and Kids books are some great sites.
Youtube-Colors, Shapes, and Numbers 
If you type in “learning colors, shapes, or numbers for children”, many excellent learning shows will come up. Learn Colors, Numbers and ABC Songs for Kids. from Dave and Ava is great.
Alphabet – Superwhy
Great Learning Shows- Magic School Bus, StoryBots, Octonauts, Cat in the Hat, Sid the Science Kid, Learning Songs, Mother Goose Club, Little Baby Bum, Fishtronaut, Justin Time Go, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar
PBS Kids
Alphabet-Superwhy, Word World
Great Learning Shows- Wild Kratts, Cat in the Hat, Sid the Science Kid, Peg and Cat, Curious George, Nature Cat, Dinosaur Train, Word Girl, and many other fantastic shows.