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Virtual Academy



The PWS Virtual Academy is a unique educational opportunity designed to serve families who desire a full virtual option.  Virtual academy students also have the opportunity to participate in on-site extracurricular activities with their peers. The free program aligns with Oklahoma Academic Standards and offers a self-paced education option for PK-8 students.

Students will be enrolled as a PWS student. However, the curriculum will be provided by an outside vendor rather than PWS.  The skills order will be different than what will be taught in a PWS classroom, therefore a student must stay on that track and would not be able to re-enter a PWS classroom setting until after the first semester.  The virtual schedule is set by the students and parents but has time frames that must be abided by to ensure the student is on track to finish in time.

PWS will be utilizing the Edmentum Exact Path program combined with Reading Eggs as the on-line components for students in PK-3rd.  Edmentum Exact Path and Study Island will be utilized as the on-line components for students in grades 4th-8th.  Students and parents have access to their teachers through phone, email, Google Classroom, etc.  Students in PK-2nd will be issued a tablet, and students 3rd-8th will be issued a chrome book.









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