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Summer Camp 2019

                                                         Pretty Water Summer Camp     
     Pretty Water will be offering a summer camp for children age 4 and up (may turn 4 by Sept. 1).  Mrs. Jones will be in charge of the camp and it will cost $50 per week or $12.50 per day. Camp will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:15 am to 2:45 pm.  Kids will have a great time learning and playing in a fun environment.  Campers will learn some Spanish and Sign Language. They will also get to do exciting science experiments and creative art projects.  Children will spend most of the day outside.  Children need to bring a lunch, snacks, swimsuit, and a towel .  There is a limited amount of space so please email Mrs. Jones to make sure there is room for your child.

Week 1, May 13-16, $50  Shiny Sharks 
    How long have sharks been alive on earth?  How many species of sharks exist?  Which species is the biggest?  Which species of shark is the fastest?  Are all sharks dangerous?  Are sharks important to ocean habitats?  What is an apex predator?  Become an ichthyologist and find out!

Week 2, May 20-23, $50  Rockin' Rainforests and Charming Chimpanzees
    Do you know where rainforests are located?  How many layers are in the rainforest?  How tall are the tallest trees?   What food do you eat comes from the rainforest?  Do you know the difference between monkeys and chimpanzees?  What is a group of chimpanzees called?  Who is Jane Goodall?  Grab a vine and swing into this jungle adventure.

Week 3, May 28-30, $37.50  Leapin' Lizards
   What do lizards eat?  How many different species of lizards exist?  Which lizard is the biggest?  Which is the smallest?  Which lizard can walk on water?  Which lizard is the fastest?  Which lizard can change colors? Become an herpetologist and find out!

Week 4, June 3-6, $50   Dynomite Dinosaurs
   Which dinos were bigger carnivores of herbivores?  What is an omnivore?  How long ago did dinosaurs live?  What did the earth look like back then?  Which dinosaurs lived in groups?  Which one is your favorite dinosaur?  Become a paleontologist and find out! 

Week 5, June 10-13, $50  Excellent Elephants
   What is a group of elephants called?  What do elephants eat?  Where do the two different species of elephant live?  What do baby elephants eat and what are they called?  How many muscles are in an elephants trunk?  Do elephants really have great memories?  Who is in charge of the elephant herd?  Pack your trunk and come along to find out!

Week 6, June 17-20,  $50 Beautiful Birds 
    How many species of birds are in the world?  Where do they live?  What do they eat?  Why do some birds migrate?  Can all birds fly?  What are talons?  Are female or male birds usually bigger?  Are male or female birds usually more colorful?  Become an ornithologist and find out.

Week 7, June 24-27, $50 Terrific Tigers
   How many species of tigers exist?  Are all tigers endangered?  Where do tigers live?  Which tiger is the biggest?  What do tigers eat? What does a carnivore eat?  What does solitary mean? Do tigers roar? Do tigers swim? Why do tigers have stripes?  Sneak into this jumgle adventure!  

Week 8, July 1-3  $37.50 Interesting Insects
   Are there more insects or people in the world?  How many different species of insects exist?  Are insects important to an ecosystem?  Which insect is the biggest?  Which insect flies the fastest?  Become an entomologist and crawl, jump, or fly and find out!   

Week 9, July 8-11, $50  Busy Bats
   Why are some people afraid of bats?  Are bats really scary?  What are baby bats called?  What is a group of bats called?  How many different species of bats exist?  What do bats eat? Do bats help humans?  What does nocturnal mean?  Become a Batman or Batgirl and find out!

Week 10, July 15-18, $50  Dazzling Dolphins
   How many species of dolphins exist?  What do they eat? What is a group of dolphins called? What is a baby dolphin called?  What is echolocation? What is bow-riding and why do dolphins do it? Become a marine biologist and dive into this ocean adventure!

Week 11, July 22-25, $50  Marvelous Monkeys
   How many species of monkeys exist?  Where do they live?  What do they eat?  Which monkeys are the biggest?  What is a group of monkeys called? What does arboreal mean? What does an herbivore eat? What do the terms New World and Old World monkeys refer to? Become a primatologist and find out!

Week 12, July 29-August 1,  $50  Cool Cats
    Which cat is the fastest?  Which cat is strong enough to drag their prey into a tree?  Which species of cat can be black?  Which species of cat lives in the mountains of Asia? How many species of big cats exist?  What is a baby cat called?  Are all cats carnivores?  Roar into this exciting escapade!

Week 13, August 5-8, $50 Slithering Snakes
   Are you afraid of snakes?  Are all  snakes dangerous to people?  How many different species of snakes exist? What do different species of snakes eat?  Which snake is the biggest?  Which is the smallest?  Are snakes important to an ecosystem? Become a herpetologist and slither into this adventure!