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"Lions and Lizards" Letter of the Week

                                                       Lions and Lizards

   We will be learning about lions and lizards this week. African lions are the most social of all big cats. A lion’s roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles away. There are currently over 4,675 lizard species.  A lizard smells with its tongue.  Lizards have dry scaly skin that they shed. Planet Earth II on Netflix has excellent lizard footage in the island and jungle episodes and fantastic lion footage in the grasslands episode, but will only be on Netflix until Dec. 3.  All BBC Earth documentaries will go off Netflix Dec. 3.  That includes the Blue Planet series, Life Story, The Hunt, Nature’s Great Events, Africa, and Life, all of which are incredible documentaries. The Tulsa zoo has a female and male lion outside and several species of lizards in their buildings.  Our letter is "L" and our song is “Ten Little Lizards”.
    Please ask you child the following questions.  Where do lions live?  What do lions eat?  What is a group of lions called? What is a baby lion called?   Who is the biggest lizard?  How small is the smallest lizard?  What do lizards eat? Would you rather be a lion or a lizard for a day? 
 Remember your child’s Thanksgiving book.  Please be the author and let your child be the illustrator.  They can draw what they are thankful for, family members that they visited with over Thanksgiving Holiday, fun things they did over the break, or anything else they want to draw while you write a sentence or two on each page. We will share the books when we return to school.
    Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words.  Our vocabulary words are pride, reptile, pod, species, marine mammals, marsupial, Australia, diurnal, ocean, entomologist, North America, herd, nocturnal, amphibian, metamorphosis, Africa, Asia, mammoth, matriarchal, ape, equator, extinct, herbivore, paleontologist, carnivore, retractable, omnivore, hibernate, cub, animals, mammals, plant eaters, meat eaters.     Please have your child show and tell you our Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary.  Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary words are  six (seis), five (cinco), four (cuatro), three, (tres), two (dos), one (uno), yes (si), no (no), goodbye (adios), purple (morado), pink (rosa), blue (azul), black (negro), yellow (amarillo), green (verde), red (rojo), orange (anaranjado), brown (cafe), white (blanco), please (por favor), hello (hola), friends (amigos), thank you (gracias).
Gracias, Jonsie