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"Kangaroos and Koalas" Letter of the Week

  We will be learning about Kangaroos and Koalas this week.
Many of these animals are endangered because of deforestation. 
There are four main species of kangaroo.
The Red kangaroo is the largest marsupial alive today.
There are fourteen species of tree kangaroos.
There is only one species of koala and they rarely come down from their homes in trees and sleep 18 to 22 hours a day.
 The Tulsa Zoo has Red Kangaroos.  
Our letter is "K" and our song is "Down Under".
Down under.  Where the kangaroos hop, hop, hop! 
Down under.  Where the weather is hot, hot, hot!  
Down under.  Where the Koalas never stop, stop, stop!   Sleeping!  Australia!!! ©Jen Jones

     Ask your child the following questions: 
What are marsupials? 
Where do Kangaroos and Koalas live? 
What are baby kangaroos and koalas called? 
What do kangaroos eat? 

What do koalas eat? 
Would you rather be a kangaroo or a koala for a day?

    Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words.
    Please have your child show and tell you our Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary.

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Gracias, Jonsie