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"Jaguar and Jellyfish" Letter of the Week

Jaguar and Jellyfish  

    We will be learning about jaguars this week.  We will also be learning about amazing jellyfish.  The Tulsa Zoo has a female jaguar on exhibit in the Rain Forest building.  The jaguar is the third-largest cat in the world and the biggest cat in the Americas. The Oklahoma Aquarium have several different species of jellyfish the children can view.  Our letter is "J" and our song is "Ten Little Jellyfish".
    Please ask your child these questions. What do jaguars eat?  Where do jaguars live?  What do jellyfish eat?  Would you like to be a jaguar for a day?   Would you like to be a jellyfish for a day? Would you rather be a jaguar or a jellyfish?
    We will also be talking about Autumn, leaves, and trees.  Please collect some leaves with your child and bring them to class.  We will be exploring leaves with magnifying glasses and rulers.  Please look at the trees with your child and ask them to tell you the difference between an evergreen and a deciduous tree. 
   Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words.  Our vocabulary words are
 diurnal, ocean, entomologist, North America, herd, nocturnal, amphibian, metamorphosis, Africa, Asia, mammoth, matriarchal, ape, equator, extinct, herbivore, paleontologist, carnivore, retractable, omnivore, hibernate, cub, animals, mammals, plant eaters, meat eaters
 Please have your child show and tell you our Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary.  Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary words are  three, (tres), two (dos), one (uno), yes (si), no (no), goodbye (adios), purple (morado), pink (rosa), brown (cafe), white(blanco),  blue (azul), black (negro), yellow (amarillo), green (verde), red (rojo), orange (anaranjado), please (por favor), hello (hola), friends (amigos), thank you (gracias).
   We have been learning about synonyms. A word that means nearly the same as another word. Please ask your child about our synonyms. large-big, small-little, insects-bugs, Native Americans-Indians, Mother-Mom, Father-Dad, rain forest-jungle.  Thanks, Jen Jones