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Christmas Program and Party

      Christmas Program and Party!

   Pre-K will be singing and Signing "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 9:00 am in the gym.  If they have a Christmas shirt or outfit they can wear it to the program. I have reindeer antlers they will wear. Please help your child practice.
    Our Christmas party will be Wednesday, Dec. 18, following the Christmas program.  Each child will need to bring a wrapped book (new or slightly used) for our gift exchange.  Please only spend between $1.00 and $3.00.  Please only write who the book is from.  For example, To: Girl From: Jessica, or To: Boy From: Billy.  Please send the wrapped book by Friday, Dec. 13. If you would like to send something for the party please comment on this page. We have 19 friends in our class and would appreciate: Orange slices, apple slices, banana halves, grapes, pretzels, stickers, and small treats. Please do NOT bring cupcakes, cakes, or anything with icing or sprinkles (It is too messy in the classroom).  No drinks please because have water fountains for drinks.
     If you choose to take your child home early after our party that is fine, but please let me know.  We will just be playing for the rest of the day.  If your child stays all day please send play clothes if they are really dressed up for the program. 
    Friday, Dec. 13, will be our last day for AR testing until we return in January.  We will not send books home over the break.  Please read to your child every day over the break.  If you save your used Holiday cards we can use them for projects.
*I would advise putting lipbalm on your child before school and keeping it at home because no matter how hard we try to have the kids keep it in their backpacks they continually get it out and share it. 
Happy Holidays, Jonsie