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Zoo Schedule Fall

    Our Tulsa Zoo field trip will be this Thursday.  Please be on time 7:45.  We will go rain or shine. Girls may bring their AR books on Friday, Oct. 12, for testing. Please leave backpacks and folders at home on Thursday. Children must wear their green Pre-K shirt to the zoo.  Please talk to your child about having good behavior at the zoo.  For example, staying beside a parent/guardian or teacher, being quiet and kind, and never touching or banging on the glass.  Please ask your child to show you the Sign Language name of the animal and ask them if the animal is an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore.  We like to stay together as a class on the trip. If you bring a refillable bottle or cup the concession stands will refill them with ice cold water for free. You can download a map of the zoo from the zoo website.  Please thank the zoo keepers because they are doing special feedings just for our class.

7:45 Arrive at school. Take restroom breaks.
7:50 Breakfast
8:05 Load the Bus.  If your child is going to ride with you please let me know. 
8:55 Meet at the tiger statue out front and go into the zoo together
9:00 Restroom and drink breaks wait for everyone outside of chimpanzees
9:10 Chimpanzees may be outside.  Enloe is the adorable three year old of Jodi.  
9:15 Look for hummingbirds and butterflies in the flowers and banana trees around the chimp exhibit.
9:20 Elephants-Sneezy the male will be outside and Sooky should be inside taking a bath.

9:30 Enter the Lost Kingdom! View Siamangs, Tigers, Komodo Dragons, and Snow Leopards
9:45 Giraffes and Rhinos
10:00 Flamingos, Ruffed Lemurs, and Akoiah the grizzly bear
10:10 Lions and penguins
10:20 Lunch outside on the new playground. There are bathrooms for handwashing before lunch.
11:00 Sea Lion Presentation 
11:15 Meerkats
11:30 Aldabra Tortoise keeper chat
11:45 Kangaroos, Wallabies, and River Otters.
11:55 Petting Zoo- Please be quiet and kind. No running. 
12:10 Carousel- I will take care of the children’s tickets and parents may stand by their child for free.

12:15 Train-I will take care of the children’s tickets, but parents must buy their own tickets.
12:30 Playground 
12:45 Special Komodo Dragon feeding in the Lost Kingdom
1:00 Bathroom Breaks
1:30 Load Bus and leave for Pretty Water.  If your child is going to ride with you please let me know. 

Thanks, Jen Jones