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Tulsa zoo

   Tulsa Zoo field trip will be Wednesday, March 27.  We will leave at 8:05 and return by 2:30.  Please be on time.  If your child cannot attend school that day because of illness please call and let us know so we are not waiting. All students must wear green pre-k t-shirt and tennis shoes.  If students bring a lunch they must carry it (we cannot).  If you are not chaperoning we strongly urge your child to get a school sack lunch. We want to have many chaperons.  Mrs. Pama, myself and parents have enough passes to get the kids in for free.  If you would like to attend but don’t have a pass, please bring $12 for your zoo entrance fee and $1 for your train ride.     Please turn in permission slip by Wednesday, March 6.  Please check the class website every week for new information.             Thanks, Jen Jones 


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Child's Name                                   Parent Signature                           Emergency Phone Number


____ Check for school sack lunch.  If children bring their lunch they will have to carry it.

____Check if you would like to attend.  Trip on Wednesday, March 27, leave at 8:05.

_____ Check if you have a Tulsa Zoo pass and can attend the trip.  Thanks, Jen Jones