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"Pets" Letter of the Week

*Pre-K will not have school on Thursday, April 4,  because we have Pre-K enrollment for next year on that day.       
 Our theme is "Pets and Farm Animals" this week.
You may email me a photo of your child with their pet or farm animal. 
I will show the photos to the class and let your child talk about their animal.

We will learn about the different kinds of pets and farm animals people keep and how to properly take care of them.  
Only about 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters.
We will learn numbers "17, 18, 19, & 20". 
Our song is "BINGO" and our word is “dog”. 
Please ask your child the following questions. 
Would you rather be a big dog or a little dog for a day? 
Would you rather be a cat or a kitten for a day? 
Would you rather be a chicken or a pig for a day? 
What do horses eat?
What do cows eat? 
What do herbivores eat? 
Would you rather be a horse or a cow for a day? 
Would you like to be a veterinarian?  
Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words. 
Please have your child show and tell you our Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary. 

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Bingo Super Simple

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Old MacDonald

Number 17 

Number 17 playlist

Sesame Street 17

Learning Numbers 17

Endless Number 17

learn Number 17

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Preschool Prep Company

Number 18

Number 18 Playlist

Sesame Street 18

Learning Numbers 18

Endless Number 18

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Number 19

Number 19 Playlist

Sesame Street 19

Learning Numbers 19

Endless Number 19

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Preschool Prep Company 19

Number 20

Number 20 playlist

Sesame Street Number 20

Learning Number 20

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Rockets Counting

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Preschool Prep 20

Akili 16-20