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"Pandas" Letter of the Week

   Our class will study giant pandas and red pandas this week. 
99% of a Panda’s diet is bamboo. 
Pandas spend a lot of their day eating and on average poop up to 40 times a day.
When a baby panda is born the mother holds her baby to her chest and never puts it down for the first month of life. 
Red pandas stay up in the trees and eat bamboo, eggs, and insects. 
Red pandas are usually nocturnal.
We will learn numbers "13, 14,15, & 16", learn words “I and love”, and sing our song "How Do You Spell Love?" and “I Love You”. 
   Please ask your child the following questions.
On what continent do giant pandas and red pandas live? 
What do giant pandas eat?
What do red pandas eat?
Would you rather be a giant panda or a red panda for a day?

 Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words. 
    Please have your child show and tell you our Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary.   
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