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"Human Body" Letter of the Week

  Our theme is our amazing human body! 
Our letter is “X”, our word is “exit”, and our song is “Dem Bones”. 
We will focus on the digestive system, healthy habits, bones, and the five senses.
We will encourage healthy habits like hand washing and nutritious eating. 
Please ask your child the following questions. 
What is the biggest bone in your body?  
What are the five senses?  
How does your heart beat when you are running? 
How does your heart beat when you are resting?
Tell me what happens to your food after you eat it?
What do your lungs do? 
What does your skull protect? 
What are some fruits you like to eat? 
What are some vegetables you like to eat?
What can you sing while washing your hands?
 Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words.
digestive system
Please have your child show and tell you our “Review” Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary.
Gracias-Thank you
de nada-you’re welcome
Netflix Learning Shows
The Magic School Bus: S1E2 For Lunch
The Magic School Bus: S1E3 Inside Ralphie
The Magic School Bus: S1E8 Inside The Haunted House
Ask The StoryBots: S1E3 Why Do I Have To Brush My Teeth?
Ask The StoryBots, S2E2 Why Can’t I Eat Dessert All The Time?
Ask The StoryBots, S2E4 How Do Ears Hear?
Ask The StoryBots, S2E8 How Do People Catch A Cold?
Ask The StoryBots, S3E3 Why Do People Look Different?
Ask The StoryBots, S3E8 How Do Eyes See? 
Magic School Bus Rides Again: S1E6 Carlos Gets The Sneeze
Magic School Bus Rides Again, S1E11 Ralphie Strikes A Nerve
Magic School Bus Rides Again, S2E5 I Spy With My Animal Eyes
Magic School Bus Rides Again S2E12 Janet’s Mystery Gene
Amazon Prime Learning Shows
Sid The Science Kid: S1E7 Shrinking Shoes
S1E12 What’s That Smell
S1E13 Grandma’s Glasses
S1E14 Too Much Noise!
S1E15 All My Senses
S1E16 A Brush With Teeth
S1E17 I Want Cake!
S1E18 The Big Sneeze
S1E19 Must See TV!
S1E20 Sid’s Health Day
Hand Washing for Kids. Billy Gorilly

Wash your hands. Singing Walrus

How to Wash Your Hands. WHO Technique

Skeleton Dance Kiboomers

Skeleton Dance Super Simple


Five Senses

Five Senses ChuChu

Five Senses Kids

Five Senses Kiboomers

Heart Peekaboo Kidz

Heart Facts

How to Feel Your Heart Beat


Heart Exercises


Immune System


Digestive System

Digestion Mr. R


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I love my hair

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Letter X

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The Singing Walrus Find Letter X




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