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"Elephants" Letter of the Week

      We will be learning about elephants this week.  Elephants are the largest land mammal and have interesting family structures.  There are two species of elephants.  African elephants are bigger and have bigger ears than Asian elephants.  We have three Asia elephants at our Tulsa Zoo. Please ask your child the following questions.  What do elephants eat? What do elephants use their trunks for? What is a group of elephants called? What is a baby elephant called? Where do the two species of elephants live? Would you rather be an African elephant or an Asian elephant? Our letter is “E” and our song is Elephants. 
    Elephants!  Have long trunks!  Elephants!  Have big feet!  And they are so sweet.  
They stay with their family. Just like me!  They take care of each other and listen to their mother! ©Jen Jones   
    Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words.  Our vocabulary words are  Africa, Asia, mammoth, matriarchal, ape, equator, extinct, herbivore, paleontologist, carnivore, retractable, omnivore, hibernate, cub, animals, mammals, plant eaters, meat eaters.

    Please have your child show and tell you our Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary.  Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary words are brown (cafe), white (blanco), blue (azul), black (negro), yellow (amarillo), green (verde), red (rojo), orange (anaranjado), please (por favor), hello (hola), friends (amigos), thank you (gracias).
      There are many great shows on PBS.  For example,  Super Why, Word World, Sid the Science Kid, Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, and Dinosaur Train are excellent learning shows.  PBS Kids is an incredible website for children to explore.  

    *We have our Pre-K T-shirts.  I can pass them out as soon as they are paid in full.
Thanks, Jen Jones



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