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"Dinosaurs" Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week “Dinosaurs”

    Our theme this week is dinosaurs.  We will be learning about the size, shape, and diet of various dinosaurs.  Sauropod dinosaurs, long necked herbivores, include the largest land animals that have ever existed.  Spinosaurus was the largest carnivorous dinosaur.  Sam Noble Museum in Norman has an incredible dinosaur exhibit.  They have free museum admission the first Monday of every month.  Our letter is “D”, and our songs are Tyrannosaurus and Ten Little Dinosaurs.  Tyrannosaurus Rex was a very mean king!  He lived in the jungle and he ate everything!   ROAR!!!   (repeat)
    Ten little Dinosaurs
One little, two little, three little dinosaurs, four little, five little, six little dinosaurs, seven little, eight little, nine little dinosaurs, ten little dinosaur chompers!
   Please ask your child the following questions. Which is your favorite dinosaur? Would you rather be a dinosaur that was an herbivore or a carnivore?  Which herbivore would you be? Which carnivore would you be? Would you like to be a paleontologist?

   Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words.  Our vocabulary words are  extinct, herbivore, paleontologist, ape, equator, carnivore, retractable, omnivore, hibernate, cub, animals, mammals, plant eaters, meat eaters.

 Please have your child show and tell you our Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary.  Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary words are black (negro), blue (azul), yellow (amarillo), green (verde), red (rojo), orange (anaranjado), please (por favor), hello (hola), friends (amigos), thank you (gracias). Gracias, Jonsie


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