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"Bears" Letter of the Week

   Our theme this week is “BEARS”. There are eight species of bear: North American Black Bear, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Asiatic Black Bear, Andean Bear, Panda Bear, Sloth Bear, and Sun Bear.  The North American Black Bear is the most common bear in North America.  We actually have Black Bears in parts of Oklahoma!  
 Please ask your child these questions. What’s your favorite species of bear?  Would you rather be a Polar Bear or Brown Bear?  What do bears eat?  How do bears catch fish?  Would you rather be a Panda Bear or North American Black Bear?  What’s a baby bear called?  What does hibernate mean? What does an omnivore eat?   What class are bears in? (mammals) Can you tell me the story of “Goldilocks and the three bears”?
  Our letter is “B” and our song is Brown Bear.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear say hello.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear go down low. Brown Bear, Brown Bear turn around.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear touch the ground. Brown Bear, Brown Bear reach up high.  Brown Bear. Brown Bear wave goodbye.
   Ask your child to tell you the definition of our vocabulary words.  Our vocabulary words are
 omnivore, hibernate, cub, animals, mammals, plant eaters, meat eaters.

   Please have your child show and tell you our Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary.  Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary words are  please (por favor), hello (hola), friends (amigos), thank you (gracias).
We will also be learning the colors in Spanish and Sign Language.
Links to learning videos:
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Songs About Bears
Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears Giggle Box
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Colors in Sign Language and Spanish
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De que color es?

Gracias, Jonsie


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