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Pretty Water School
15223 W 81st Street South
Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066-2984

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7:30 am -3:30 pm

Mrs. Trish Hamilton is located in Building #1

Mrs. Tish Casey is located in
Building #2
(Main Office).

Phone: 918-224-4952
Fax: 918-227-1362
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Meet the 2017 graduates of PWS:

 McKenzie Luu Beesley
2017 PWS Valedictorian

Daughter of  Chad and Mindy Beesley 

McKenzie has attended Pretty Water School for seven years and she will attend Sapulpa next year.
McKenzie’s advice to our younger students: Do your work and respect your teachers.  Always be kind to your classmates.
McKenzie’s favorite thing about Pretty Water:  the teachers and the students
What McKenzie is going to miss about PWS: I will miss my childhood friends that aren’t going to the same high school as me.  I like how small the school is.
Her activites: band, choir, student council, FCA, yearbook, Youth Paise and worship member at Harvest Church, archery, academic team
McKenzie would like everyone to know: I am smart, like to cook, and enjoy doing my own, and others, makeup. 

Emily Paige Casey
2017 PWS Valedictorian

Paige is the daughter of David and Julie Casey

Paige has attended Pretty Water for ten years and is going to Sapulpa next year.
Paige’s advice for the younger students: Always have respect for your teachers and all that they do for you.
Paige’s favorite thing about PWS: being able to grow up with the same classmates
Paige is going to miss: my teachers
Paige’s activities: horseback riding and barrel racing


Evan Michael Casey
2017 PWS Valedictorian


Evan is the son of Chris and Tish Casey

Evan has attended Pretty Water for 11 years and will be attending Sapulpa next year.
Evan’s advice for the younger students: Always finish your work .
Evan’s favorite thing about PWS:  the freedom
Evan is going to miss: my friends, teachers, and the freedom
Evan’s activities and sports: basketball, football, track, teaching third and fourth grade basketball, out of school I play baseball and enjoy video games and making YouTube videos
Evan would like everyone to know: Go subscribe to Luthriix on YouTube and check me out on instagram@Lutriix to keep updated on my videos and when merchandise comes out.

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