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Pretty Water School
15223 W 81st Street South
Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066-2984

 Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 am -3:30 pm

Mrs. Trish Hamilton is located in Building #1

Mrs. Tish Casey is located in
Building #2
(Main Office).

Phone: 918-224-4952
Fax: 918-227-1362
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Current Conditions:
Fair, 36 F

Sun - Clear. High: 54 Low: 32
Mon - Sunny. High: 68 Low: 39
Tue - Sunny. High: 70 Low: 45
Wed - Mostly Sunny. High: 74 Low: 46
Thu - Mostly Sunny. High: 53 Low: 32

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Possible Bad Weather School Closing

In the case of an emergency situation such as heavy accumulations of ice and snow school may be closed.  Information will be relayed to you by radio and television.  Tune to KRMG (102.3/AM 740), KTUL Channel 8, KJRH Channel 2, KOTV Channel 6, or FOX Channel 23.

We do not anticipate closing school due to extremely cold weather.  Our morning latchkey program is offered free of charge beginning at 7:00am.  Feel free to bring your children to school to avoid having them out during cold temperatures.

Please talk with your child about where they are supposed to go in case we have to dismiss school early.  Normal bus routes will run in the event of early dismissal.  This reduces the confusion and anxiety for students during an unscheduled school closing.

Free Dental Care


Two days of free dental care for those in need.
Treating adults & kids.
No appointments, first come, first served!
No eligibility or income requirements!
No payment or insurance required.

Doors open at 5am each day.

Teeth Cleanings, Extractions, Fillings,
Limited Root Canals on Front Teeth,
Limited Partial Denture Services

Cox Business Center
Tulsa, OK

Feb. 6-7, 2015

More info at


Prevent Blindness Oklahoma Screens Local Children

In 2013, Prevent Blindness Oklahoma received an email from a mother expressing gratitude. Her son was referred during a vision screening in the Deer Creek Public School system. In her letter she shared, "After being seen by an ophthalmologist, my son's vision was 20/100 in both eyes with astigmatism. He has never shown signs of difficulty seeing anything! He absolutely loves wearing his glasses every day. I cannot thank your program enough for the services you provide, without them I would not know my son had a vision problem." This child, along with thousands of other children who received exams and glasses as a result of a school vision screening, is doing better in school now. For this reason, Prevent Blindness Oklahoma continues to work each year to help improve vision for the children of Oklahoma.

"25% of school-aged children have an undiagnosed vision problem," reports Melanie Gamble, Director of Programs for Prevent Blindness Oklahoma, "and 86% of children never receive an eye exam." During the 2013-2014 school year PBO screened 344,540 children throughout the state of Oklahoma. Of those children 41,436 were referred with possible vision problems for a comprehensive eye exam with their local optometrist or ophthalmologist. Prevent Blindness Oklahoma strives to educate the public on the importance of eye screenings. "Many children will improve academically with vision correction," says Gamble.

If vision is the problem, early detection and proper correction can prevent permanent vision loss and negative attitudes toward school. PBO's theme for the 2014-2015 school year continues to be "Making Every Child's Vision Count" as they count down to their 50th anniversary in 2015. "We want to continue to encourage school staff and parents to make sure that children who are referred receive an exam and glasses if needed," Mrs. Gamble emphasized.

Prevent Blindness Oklahoma is the only nonprofit agency in Oklahoma dedicated exclusively to eye health and safety. Through their Children’s Vision Screening Program, and a 28-year partnership with the Oklahoma Masons, free vision screening will be provided at:

Pretty Water School on Feb. 9th, 2015

Many children in Oklahoma can receive free exams and glasses through SoonerCare, Vision Service Plan benefits provided by PBO, or through their Vision Quest assistance program. Replacement glasses can be received through the PBO OneSight program. Infants 0-1 yr. old may receive a free exam through the InfantSee program provided by local optometrists. For information go to

For more information on your child’s eyesight contact Melanie Gamble at Prevent Blindness Oklahoma, 6 NE 63rd Street, Ste. 150, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, 405-848-7123 x 103, fax 405-848-6935

(For more information please contact:
Mrs. Torbett at 918-224-4952.)