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Pretty Water School
15223 W 81st Street South
Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066-2984

 Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 am -3:30 pm

Mrs. Trish Hamilton is located in Building #1

Mrs. Tish Casey is located in
Building #2
(Main Office).

Phone: 918-224-4952
Fax: 918-227-1362
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Fri - Rain. High: 35 Low: 34
Sat - Showers. High: 38 Low: 34
Sun - PM Showers. High: 44 Low: 40
Mon - Cloudy. High: 53 Low: 33
Tue - Sunny. High: 56 Low: 31

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The Jenny's Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe is a fun way for students to shop for family members and experience the spirit of giving.

Gift items are reasonably priced from $0.25 to $12.00 with the majority of items falling between $1.00 and $4.00 each.  Students will be greeted by a parent volunteer who will offer to help them stay within their budget and make gift selections for everyone on their list.


When: December 7th to
          December 11th

Times: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

At Pretty Water School we are fortunate enough to have the best choir and band director around.  Mrs. Gifford is also a very talented art teacher.  Below are some of the pictures that she has encouraged her students to create.

Slide Show

Thank you Mrs. Gifford for all of the long hours and hard work that you give to our students.

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NEW for 2015-2016
Parents:  Please sign up for Pretty Water School's  E-Notes.  E-Notes is a convenient way for you to receive instant messages directly from the school office.  We will use E-Notes to notify you of general school announcements, as well as emergency announcements, i.e. school closing due to bad weather.  You can sign up to receive these messages as an e-mail or a text message on your phone.  To subscribe, fill out the following E-Notes form and click on subscribe.  Parents if you would like to receive E-Notes from your child's teacher or coach please check their individual pages and sign up there.

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