Teacher Directory

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Mrs. Armstrong
Armstrong, Mrs.
Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Bennett
Bennett, Mrs.
3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Casey
Casey, Mrs.
Special Education
Mr. D. Dotson
Dotson, Mr. D.
5th Grade Homeroom; 3rd -8th Boys P.E.; Athletic Director
Mr. H. Dotson
Dotson, Mr. H.
6th Grade Homeroom, Geography, Reading; 7th Geography; 8th History; 3rd-8th Girls P.E.
Mrs. Enlow
Enlow, Mrs.
2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Gaches
Gaches, Mr.
3rd - 8th Wildlife Conservation; 5th-6th Computers; KG -2nd P.E.
Mrs. Gifford
Gifford, Mrs.
5th - 8th Band and Chorus; 1st - 4th Music, Computers and Art
Ms. Grigson
Grigson, Ms.
7th Grade Homeroom; 6th-8th Math, 7th-8th Computers
Mrs. Jones
Jones, Mrs.
Pre-K Teacher
Mr. Mann
Mann, Mr.
6th-8th Science; 6th-8th Study Hall; Assistant Admin.
Mrs. Ruley
Ruley, Mrs.
1st Grade
Mrs. Smith
Smith, Mrs.
4th Grade Teacher: Blue & Gold Coordinator
Mrs. Spyres
Spyres, Mrs.
Special Education
Mr. Taylor
Taylor, Mr.
Mrs. Torbett
Torbett, Mrs.
Speech Pathologist; Special Education Coordinator; District Testing Coordinator
Mrs. Trotter
Trotter, Mrs.
1st-4th Tutoring; 1st-4th GT
Mrs. Voss
Voss, Mrs.
8th Grade Homeroom; 5th-8th Language Arts; 7th-8th Literature; 5th-8th GT; Yearbook; Librarian