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Star Early Literacy Test

   The Star Early Literacy Test is a multiple choice test that all students take by themselves on the computer.  The computer reads the question and choices to the students and then they make their choice.  If you have an older child it is the test that determines their reading level.  Pre-K students take the test once every quarter.  Their scores should go up by the end of the school year.   Ideally if a student is four years old they should score around 400 and five years old around 500.  Don’t be discouraged if your child didn’t score well.  It is a long test that they are not used to taking. We try to make it fun and call it a computer game.  If you have any questions please let me know.  Your child’s Star Early Literacy Score will be on their progress report that is sent home on Thursday. 
Gracias, Jonsie