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Alphabet Egg Carton Game with Fish

Alphabet Egg Carton Game

  Your child is coming home with a learning game today.  There are four different levels to this game.
1.  Hold up a letter flashcard and say swim your fish to this letter.
2.  Just say the letter, “F” for example, and say swim your fish to this letter.
3.  Say, “which letter makes the ba ba sound”, etc., swim your fish to this letter.
4.  Say, “which letter starts with elephant”, swim your fish to this letter.  

Here are some of the words you could say: alligator, bear, cat, dinosaur, elephant, frog, gorilla, hippo, insect, jellyfish, kangaroo, lion, monkey, no, owl, and penguin.  Please make this game fun.  Give high fives, stickers, or candy.  Positive reinforcement works.  Please remember to watch learning shows (Super Why and Word World on PBS) and read books.  Gracias, Jonsie