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Pretty Water Learning Games

     The Pretty Water School website has some fantastic alphabet and reading learning games for your child to access for free.  You can access these games with your phone, tablet, kindle, ipad, or computer.  Pre-K students do not need a pass word to use these games. Starfall is an excellent learning sight on Student Links. Starfall has great alphabet learning games and Sign Language.
1. On the Pretty Water Website click on Student Links
2. Click on Starfall
3. Click on Kindergarten and Pre-K
4. Click on  ABC blocks
5. Click on each letter.  Each letter teaches phonics, songs, and games. 
6. At the bottom of the page there are pages for Sign Language and alphabet songs.
  Starfall has math games, nursery rhymes, and books read aloud. 
Starfall also has excellent “learn how to read” programs once your child has learned their alphabet.
 Click on “It’s Fun to Read” and then progress to “I’m Reading”.
  Gracias, Jonsie