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Summer Camp 2021

                                                Pretty Water Summer Camp     
     Pretty Water will be offering a summer camp for children age 4 and up ( may turn 4 by Sept. 1).  Mrs. Jones will be in charge of the camp and it will cost $40 per week or $12.00 per day.  If you have more than one child there is $2.00 off a day on the second child. Camp will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:15 am to 2:45 pm.  Kids will have a great time learning and playing in a fun environment.  Campers will learn some Spanish and Sign Language. They will do science experiments, art projects, read, work puzzles, play games, and sing and dance during music time.  Children will spend much of the day outside.  Children need to bring lunch, water, and snacks. There is a limited amount of space so please email Mrs. Jones to make sure there is room for your child.

Week 1, May 24-28 Fantastic Frogs- What is metamorphosis?  Do frogs shed their skin? How many species of frog exist?  Which is the biggest? Why are some frogs endangered? Why do frogs croak? We have frogs in my room to observe. Become a herpetologist and find out!

Week 2, June 1-3  Beautiful Bears- How many different species of bears are there in the world?  Which is the biggest? What do they eat? What is an omnivore?  Why do some bears hibernate?  Find out all about these interesting mammals!

Week 3, June 7-10  Dynomite Dinosaurs- Which dinos were bigger carnivores or herbivores?  What is an omnivore?  How long ago did dinosaurs live?  What did the earth look like back then?  Which dinosaurs lived in groups?  Which one is your favorite dinosaur?  Become a paleontologist and find out! 

Week 4, June 14-17 .‚ÄčLoud Lions- How loud is a lion's roar? Where do lions live? What do they eat? Who does the hunting? What is a carnivore? Are their claws retractable? What is a group of lions called?  Why do male lions have manes? How many hours a day do lions sleep? Leap into this lion adventure!

Week 5, June 21-24 Nocturnal Animals- Which animals come out at night?  What does an omnivore eat?  What is the only marsupial native to Oklahoma?  What are baby raccoons called? What are baby skunks called?  Which animal can roll into a ball to protect itself?  Put on your night vision goggles and check it  out!

Week 6, June 28-July 1 Kickin' Kangaroos- What is a marsupial?  Which kangaroo is the biggest?  Which kangaroo is the smallest? What do kangaroos eat?  Where do they live?  What other animals live in Australia?  Let's have a good day mate.

Week 7, July 6-8 Outrageous Orangutans- Where do orangutans live? What do herbivores eat? What does arboreal mean? Are orangutans apes or monkeys?  How do dominant males look different from other orangutans?  Swing into this exciting adventure!

Week 8, July 12-15  Super Spiders- Are you afraid of spiders? Are all spiders venomous?  Are spiders insects?  Are spiders beneficial to the environment?  How many different species of spiders exist? Which spider is the biggest?  Which spider is the most dangerous?  What do spiders eat?  Become a spiderman or spiderwoman and find out

Week 9, July 19-22 Awesome Alligators and Cool Crocodiles- What's the difference between alligators and crocodiles? Where do alligators live? Where do crocodiles live? Is there any place where they live together? Who is more dangerous? After while crocodile

Week 10, July 26-29 Wild Wolves- How many species of wolf exist?  Which is the biggest?  What do they eat?  What is a group of wolves called?  What time of day are wolves most active?  What does the alpha wolf do? Let’s have a howling good time!

Week 11, August 2-5 Terrific Turtles- What's the difference between a tortoise and a turtle?  How many species of turtles exist?  What do they eat? Where do the biggest turtles live? Can turtles ever leave their shell? What type of giant tortoises are at the Tulsa Zoo? Become a zoo keeper and find out!

Week 12, August 9-12 Wonderful Whales- What is the biggest animal that has ever lived? How many species of whales exist?  What is a group of whales called? What is the difference between a baleen whale and a toothed whale? Become a marine biologist and find out!