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"Cats" Letter of the Week

  Our class will be learning about big cats this week.
We will learn about cheetahs, mountain lions, bobcats, leopards,
snow leopards, and of course panthers (which are actually not an individual species, but black jaguars or leopards).
Cheetahs can run up to 75mph, which is faster than any other land animal.
Did you know leopards often bring their prey up into the branches of a tree to eat it and protect it from other predators and scavengers.
Mountain lions can leap as high as 15 feet and as far as 40 feet.
Bobcats can be found all over Oklahoma.

Our letter is "C" and our song is "Cats".   
Cats!  Cats on the prowl.  Cats!  Cats love to growl!  Cats! Cats have thick fur.  Cat! Cats love to purr.  (get quieter)  Cats!  Cats are so sly.  Cats!  Cats and we know why, (loud)  BECAUSE THEY LOVE TO POUNCE ON THEIR PREY!!!  ©Jen Jones
  Please ask your child the following questions. 
What is the fastest land animal?
What cat would you like to be for a day?
What is a baby cat called?
What class are cats in?(mammals)  
Which wild cat lives in Oklahoma?
Are cats carnivores or herbivores?  

Our vocabulary words are carnivore and retractable.
Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary words are 

Learning Shows on Netflix
Cat in the Hat S1E40A Big Cats
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Gracias, Jonsie



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