Helpful Links
Cleveland Math

Curriculum guidance for OAS.  Also includes many helpful websites.

Common Core Math Worksheets

Printable math worksheets for all levels.

SDE Teachers Page

This is the teachers portion of Oklahoma State Department of Education.  It contains most
links you will need within the SDE site including the home page.

Oklahoma State Assessment Materials

This is where you can find practice test, test blueprints, etc.

Oklahoma Academic Standards

These are Oklahoma Academic Standards used for testing.

Oklahoma Academic Vocabulary
Free English Worksheets

Easy to use free English worksheets for all ages.

Worksheets, games, activities for all ages and all subjects


Mind-set examples

Math: Problem of the Month

Helpful for school wide Problem of the Month.

Printable Math Worksheets

Easy to use and print math worksheets for all ages.


 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

PBS for Teachers
Stop Bullying
Common Sense

This is a very useful web-site for everyone when trying to decide if a web-site, movie, video game even music is eductional and what age it it appropriate for.

Reading Eggs

Lots of information for Pre-K through Middle School.

Study Island
Teacher Planet

Rubrics and other good ideas